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For 28-years, our group of businesses and companies have been premier publishers of high-quality sporting magazines, sports media products, and multimedia in Adelaide and across South Australia. We also live broadcast, live stream and film football and sporting events. One of our biggest achievements is the creation of many football and sporting Internet TV shows across Adelaide and South Australia. We were the pioneers of sporting Internet TV in South Australia, and that gives us huge credibility with the sporting fraternity around the state.


We have produced notable publications such as; The Little Black Book, The Camry Crows Almanac, Sports Cards Australia, SA Waters and the Footy Budget, to name a few. We have also produced and hosted sports radio programs on the FM band, plus a myriad of other sporting magazines and media.


You can be sure that YOUR BUSINESS is in safe hands with Stralia Sports.Com Pty Ltd, and with our expert team of Business Partnership Executives. The Managing Director – Luke Hosie, has been in the print, publishing, media, and newspaper fields, for over 30 years, and knows the industry backwards. The staff at Stralia Sports.Com Pty Ltd are well known throughout the media and sporting industries and are all very highly regarded in their field.

We are experts in producing sports media across all platforms. Our longevity in the industry over 28-years, is the testimony to our success and the successes of the businesses we promote. Our team of business partnership executives, journalists, and graphic designers, create and produce a brilliant mix of South Australian sports media. They are supported by social media content writers and bloggers, who promote stories, videos, and our magazines, through all of our social media platforms.

Our sales team are partnership builders. They create a partnership with each business they deal with. Many of these partnerships last a lifetime.  We can safely say that we are Adelaide’s premier sports media agency. We have built up a highly reputable brand and reputation through hard work, that is synonymous with excellence, and is well known throughout South Australia and Australia.


The South Australian Footballer offers a truly unique magazine, covering every football league across South Australia in our magazines.  

The South Australian Footballer is the largest and best football magazine in South Australia. Across all FOUR publications, we discuss every league across South Australia. We produce The South Australian Footballer (discussing the AFL and SANFL), the SA Country Footballer (which deals with each of the 26 country leagues in South Australia), the SA Adelaide Footballer (dealing with every division of the Adelaide Footy League) and our pride and joy, which is the SA Women’s Footballer Magazine. We are the ONLY company in Australia that produced a weekly magazine about women’s football. All of our journalists are women. We embrace women’s sport in South Australia and give women a platform to discuss football when no other media agency will give them that voice. We empower women to have a voice in the media.